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About Us

Graydon Services Limited. is a modern, full-service company with expertise and financial support, which is one of the leading companies in this kind of field in the Asian area with deep partner network worldwide. The company was founded in 2006 initially as Graydon Asia Company Limited, later joined the company Graydon Services Limited. By acquiring 100% share of the former company Graydon Asia Company Ltd., was renamed in Graydon Services Limited.
In the last years of work in the company, the company entered in the top stair to the world standards for such providers.


Small company with a large family

Initially a small business with a low number of employees is over the years converted into a larger family. Relatively larger company with a large number of employees helps offer customers the best quality personal approach, because we are a company which listens to the wishes of customers.
It also has the advantage of relatively large companies that can adapt faster to changes in the financial market and the success of the company.

Trust is one of the key strategic business priorities of Graydon Services Limited. At GraydonServices Limited we are aware of the fact that if we want to succeed, we must offer our clients the best services and investment opportunities with the highest standards. Our goal is to attract the most qualified people, and constantly educate our staff. So we will always be one step closer to achieving our goals.

Our vision is to create a new investment culture based on trust, advanced solutions and quality services. We offer our clients the best products and services. In today’s global world investments opportunities are limitless. Our main goal is to provide customers with the benefit of our investment products, and safety and discretion of our services.



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